GTweet gets official pretty much says it all, but as a quick recap for those who don’t know: I wrote a PHP application to allow people to read their Twitter feed in Google Reader.

It’s currently in beta (and in need of a few good beta testers) but should be feature complete and reasonably reliable. Some of those features include the handling of Twitter authentication, displaying the tweeter’s avatar in the RSS feed and the ability to reply to tweets or to favorite them from within Google Reader.


GTweet is born

Update 3/5/09: GTweet is now officially in beta and has moved to it’s own domain. Check out for more details.

Everyone gets frustrated at work (I know I do) and after a particularly brain numbing assignment, I decided to blow off some steam this weekend and take another crack at my script for piping Twitter updates through Google Reader.

I feel like I might be over-pimping this lately, but it has become my favorite "low-stress" project - it’s still in the fun "idea" phase and hasn’t been tainted by mountains of legacy code and years of neglect and shortcuts.


Wordpress Funkyness

Update 2/24/09: The problem seems to have resolved itself (knock on wood). I have no idea what happened but I’m glad it’s over.

For some reason posts are not being categorized and tagged as of today. All my categories and tags still exist, but viewing posts by tag or category always yields no results - it’s as though none of my posts have ever been tagged. More as this develops…


More Thoughts on Twitter

Update 3/5/09: Twitterfeed has become GTweet and has moved to it’s own domain. See for more details.

Despite conflicting opinions on how to use Twitter, my OCD makes it very difficult not to read each and every toot that comes my way.

Because of this, I’m really starting to like Google Reader for keeping track of my timeline. When I use a dedicated Twitter app I either feel bombarded or like I’m missing tweets as they go by.



Well it seems as though I’ve gone and missed the entire point of Twitter. :)

In a previous post I talked about a script that I have written to make the experience of reading my Twitter feed in Google Reader a bit more pleasant.

This script in conjunction with persuading more of my friends to join Twitter has sucked me deeper into the world of toots and tweets. Now I find myself refreshing Google Reader more often than the RSS feed updates.