Repair Mac OS X Keychain

Man, work has been crazy lately.

Sadly, there’s been no time for GTweet-ing, but hopefully I can implement some planned features when my day job calms down a bit.

In the mean time I wanted to post a quick note about a fix for a problem that has been dogging my Mac: namely, that it doesn’t like to remember passwords anymore.


Windows 7 RC

So I decided to install Windows 7 RC. Loyal readers of the blog know that I am a devout Mac enthusiast (some might argue “fanboy”), but I keep a PC around for, you know, PC stuff.

They’ve been talking about the Windows 7 beta on Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott for a while now, but I didn’t really see the need to install the pre-release code.


Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard

As a rule, I don’t like to keep anything on the desktop. This is especially true for the Windows XP machine that I keep around to play a few games, and test web sites in IE.

Today, after over 7 years of running XP, I was presented with a “There are unused icons on your desktop” notification in the taskbar.


GTweet Beta 3 Now Supports OAuth

GTweet came back to life yesterday as “Beta 2” after being ported to Python and moving to the Google App Engine.

I was very excited to get the new version out the door, but the accomplishment was tainted by slower-than-I’d-like response times when viewing the feed in Google Reader. The development environment that I use for testing new versions of GTweet uses compiled C binaries to speed up the PyCrypto library but the live environment of Google App Engine does not.


GTweet Beta 2 Released!

I’m thrilled to announce that GTweet Beta 2 (now with 100% more Python) went live this morning.

For those just joining us, I came back from vacation last week to find the PHP version of GTweet in shambles after my (shared) server collapsed under the pressure, so I decided to port it to Python and move it to Google App Engine.


The Future of GTweet

After a wonderful and relaxing trip to Greece, I returned to a flurry of e-mails warning me that GTweet is down.

Frustrating though it may be, I have the bittersweet problem of having grown too big for my hardware.

As this is currently a hobby project, I don’t have the resources to beef up the GTweet infrastructure (read: I’m broke) so I’m thinking about porting the whole thing to Python and running it on the Google App Engine.


Remove Firefox Location Bar Select-All Annoyance

I just discovered how to change a default Firefox setting that has been bothering me for ages.

The Problem

In Safari (the browser I use most often) single-clicking on the location bar does what most text input fields do: it places the cursor at the location in the text over which you positioned the mouse.

In Firefox, single-clicking the location bar highlights the URL. Without fail, I start typing an addition to the the existing URL only to find that I have erased the text I was hoping to start with.


Coda Updates to 1.6.3

As a belated St. Patrick’s day gift to us all, Panic released Coda 1.6.3 today.

I haven’t had any problems (or noticed anything super-cool) yet, but one point in the release notes caught my attention.

Can now navigate local books while off-line


GTweet: Bugfixes and Beyond

I’ve been attempting to shake any bugs out of GTweet since it’s beta release.

One glitch revealed itself when GTweet attempted to display certain html special characters. I applied a fix today, so hopefully we have seen the last of that. I also increased the text size of the tweet itself and made the tweeter’s name a link to that person’s Twitter page.


GTweet gets official pretty much says it all, but as a quick recap for those who don’t know: I wrote a PHP application to allow people to read their Twitter feed in Google Reader.

It’s currently in beta (and in need of a few good beta testers) but should be feature complete and reasonably reliable. Some of those features include the handling of Twitter authentication, displaying the tweeter’s avatar in the RSS feed and the ability to reply to tweets or to favorite them from within Google Reader.