Well it seems as though I’ve gone and missed the entire point of Twitter. :)

In a previous post I talked about a script that I have written to make the experience of reading my Twitter feed in Google Reader a bit more pleasant.

This script in conjunction with persuading more of my friends to join Twitter has sucked me deeper into the world of toots and tweets. Now I find myself refreshing Google Reader more often than the RSS feed updates.

I’m still resistant to the idea of a dedicated desktop app, but an interesting compromise might be Twidget, the Mac OS X Dashboard widget that allows me to update my Twitter status and view the 20 latest toots in my timeline.

I’ve been playing with it today and it seems to work well. Not sure how late to the party I am on this one, but the widget seems to be under active development with some cool enhancements supposedly on the way.

Got an opinion? How to you keep up with your Twitter feed? Let me know in the comments.