Proud to be an American

I’m about to watch the inauguration of the first president I’ve ever been excited about (I was too young to get amped for Clinton).


Search locally hosted books in Coda when offline

In my last post I detailed how to create a custom book in Coda using a locally hosted web site, for offline browsing.

After successfully bypassing the warning that I was offline, I could finally browse the local documentation, but was left with no way to search it.

To solve this problem I wrote a simple php page that greps through the html files and displays the results ordered by the number times the search term appears.


View locally hosted books in Coda when offline

I’ve been developing php applications with Coda for the last week and have been absolutely loving it.

Coda has the ability to display online reference manuals as searchable "books" and comes loaded with The Web Programmer’s Desk Reference and the complete PHP Documentation. Users can add custom books and can even search the documentation from an editor window by command+double clicking highlighted text.

The feature is nice, but I felt as though it would be more useful to have locally stored books that could be referenced when offline.


You should be using Coda

I have been hearing great things about Panic’s Coda since it came out, but as a broke college student doing web sites on the side I was put off by the $99 price tag.

Up until now I have been using the fantastic and free Smultron and Cyberduck apps to handle my text editing and file uploading needs.

After starting my first full-time software development job last week, I found myself in need of a solution that would let me edit files directly on a development server.


Setting the back button title of a UINavigationItem

The following code will set the back button title of the current UINavigationItem:

Updated to fix memory leak. (Thanks Sam!)
UIBarButtonItem *backButton = [[UIBarButtonItem alloc]
[self.navigationItem setBackBarButtonItem:backButton];
[backButton release];


Avoid a UITableView headache

When using a custom section header view on a grouped UITableView, remember to implement the heightForHeaderInSection delegate method.


WordPress iPhone app

I recently got an iPod touch on loan from a client that I’m using to debug an iPhone app for him.

Since I’ve never be in possession of an iPhone/iPod touch before, (I do most of my work with the iPhone simulator) I’ve been playing around with some of the free apps in the iTunes App Store.

After finally getting around to updating this blog to the newest version of WordPress, I stumbled across the WordPress iPhone app, and I must say I’m impressed.


GMaps2MBTA Bookmarklet

I moved to Brighton, MA at the beginning of September and as a result I no longer have much use for a car. I live right on the B line which, as a supplement to my old size 11s, gets me everywhere I need to be.

Since I’m new to the area, I have been using Google Maps a lot. While it’s helpful to gain a general idea of where things are, it was becoming a frequent annoyance to cut and paste the start and end addresses from the Google Maps directions page into the MBTA Trip Planner.

To solve the problem I took my first stab at writing a JavaScript bookmarklet.

Top revision

My brother Luke is an avid musician who writes, performs, records and produces his own music - with very little equipment.

I rebuilt his web site using Joomla in an effort to gain some experience with Joomla 1.5.