Yesterday, I finally got around to setting up Google Analytics for

After gathering 24 hours worth of stats, I was surprised to see a link in a post on the handbrake forums driving traffic to my site.

The link is in reference to a Perl script which I wrote to extract chapter start times from DVD IFO files. Like most of my little projects, getdvdchap was pretty niche and I never saw any numbers demonstrating that anyone but me had a use for it.

When I redesigned my site last spring, the script was taken down along with a bunch of my crappier ASP scripts that I didn’t want to maintain. While I still have no plans to update the code (I don’t even have a Mac with a working DVD drive anymore), I figured there was no harm in putting it back on the projects page, so I did.

Whoever came looking for the script before, have at it - I hope it helps.