I love the Terminal. LOVE it.

However, as a programmer who has grown up in the world of GUIs, I can have a hard time visualizing things when only using the command line. For this reason I love when scripts bridge the gap between the world of Aqua and the dark underpinnings of Unix.

When my knowledge of ls and grep failed me while browsing the file system, I found myself wishing for an easy way to open the current working directory in a Finder window.

My knee-jerk reaction was to pwd, copy the resulting path and paste it into a “Go to folder” Finder dialog box.

After taking a step back, I realized the process could be as simple as:

open "$(pwd)"

That’s really it. I saved this script as owd and now always have it at my fingertips.

I thought variations on this might be useful to people who are still getting their feet wet with the command line. Be careful with sudo, kids!