After a wonderful and relaxing trip to Greece, I returned to a flurry of e-mails warning me that GTweet is down.

Frustrating though it may be, I have the bittersweet problem of having grown too big for my hardware.

As this is currently a hobby project, I don’t have the resources to beef up the GTweet infrastructure (read: I’m broke) so I’m thinking about porting the whole thing to Python and running it on the Google App Engine.

As ever the duties of my day job must come first, but I hope to get cracking on a somewhat more scalable version this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who sent in bug reports and other feedback - I find it immensely gratifying that so many people find GTweet useful.

On that note, I know times are tight all over, but if anyone who loves GTweet has a few extra bucks (or pounds, euros, yen or anything else), please consider donating. Thanks.

Now, off to learn Python