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Selectively Override Keyboard Shortcuts in macOS

Includes an example to prevent closing Cloud9 browser tabs.

Write Your Own Coda Plug-In

My love for Coda knows no bounds. Except maybe the bounds of the tab bar.

PassAlong on iPhone Application List

iPhone Application List was kind enough to list PassAlong on their fine site.

PassAlong: Now available on the iPhone App Store

I really wanted an easy way to insert phone numbers (or other contact information) as plain text into an SMS message for near universal compatibility.

GTweet Beta 3 Now Supports OAuth

Slower-than-I’d-like response times prompted me to implement OAuth in GTweet.

GTweet Beta 2 Released!

GTweet Beta 2 is now live. Please visit to re-make your GTweet URLs.

The Future of GTweet

After a wonderful and relaxing trip to Greece, I returned to a flurry of e-mails warning me that GTweet is down.

GTweet: Bugfixes and Beyond

I (hopefully) fixed some text-encoding issues with GTweet.

GTweet gets official

GTweet went live last night. Start reading Twitter in Google Reader today!

GTweet is born

I changed the name of Twitterfeed to GTweet and added avatars to the feed.

Resurrecting getdvdchap

I re-published some old code that I wrote as a college sophomore when Google Analytics revealed people still looking for it.

Twitterfeed Update

By the power of regex I have corrected the behavior of Twitterfeed when handling multiple links in a single tweet. Usernames prefixed by @ are also now made into links.

More Thoughts on Twitter

Despite conflicting opinions on how to use Twitter, my OCD makes it very difficult not to read each and every toot that comes my way.

Twitter + Google Reader

I like to read Twitter via Google Reader, but this has some drawbacks, so I wrote a bridge in PHP to make everything nicer.

GMaps2MBTA Bookmarklet

I created a JavaScript bookmarklet to ease the frequent annoyance of cutting and pasting the start and end addresses from the Google Maps directions page into the MBTA trip planner.