I recently got an iPod touch on loan from a client that I’m using to debug an iPhone app for him.

Since I’ve never be in possession of an iPhone/iPod touch before, (I do most of my work with the iPhone simulator) I’ve been playing around with some of the free apps in the iTunes App Store.

After finally getting around to updating this blog to the newest version of WordPress, I stumbled across the WordPress iPhone app, and I must say I’m impressed.

It’s a little clunky to type HTML on the keyboard because letters, the / character and the < and > characters are on three different screens that you have to switch between. Other than that, the app was ridiculously easy to set up to work with my blog and gives pretty complete access to all posted content.

As cool as it is, I am running the app on an iPod touch instead of an iPhone so I have to be near a WiFi hotspot to post anything, which means I’ll probably still just txt stuff to Twitter.