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SlingPlayer iPhone App Rated 12+?

A rating of 12+ seems ludicrous because it takes into account what people could watch while using the app as opposed to what was coded into the app.

Use the built-in iPhone sleep timer

Tucked away in the Clock app that ships with the iPhone is a Timer feature. When the timer finishes, the default action is to play a ringtone, but by tapping the "When Timer Ends" button, you can change this behavior to "Sleep iPod."

PassAlong on iPhone Application List

iPhone Application List was kind enough to list PassAlong on their fine site.

PassAlong: Now available on the iPhone App Store

I really wanted an easy way to insert phone numbers (or other contact information) as plain text into an SMS message for near universal compatibility.

View Average iPhone App Approval Time

iPhone Developers Only: The iPhone Developer News page now displays the current average approval time for Apps submitted to the app store.

Use iPhone headphone microphone with a MacBook Pro

The headphones’ built-in microphone appears as the input device "Microphone port" in the Sound preference pane.

Setting the back button title of a UINavigationItem

As pointed out in this thread, "the back button is ‘owned’ by the previous view on the stack." In other words, the setBackBarButtonItem method should be called on the view that the user is navigating away from, rather than the view above which this button is actually displayed.

Avoid a UITableView headache

When using a custom section header view on a grouped UITableView, remember to implement the heightForHeaderInSection delegate method.

WordPress iPhone app

After finally getting around to updating this blog to the newest version of WordPress, I stumbled across the WordPress iPhone app, and I must say I’m impressed.