Open the current working directory in Finder

I love the Terminal. LOVE it.

However, as a programmer who has grown up in the world of GUIs, I can have a hard time visualizing things when only using the command line. For this reason I love when scripts bridge the gap between the world of Aqua and the dark underpinnings of Unix.


Repair Mac OS X Keychain

Man, work has been crazy lately.

Sadly, there’s been no time for GTweet-ing, but hopefully I can implement some planned features when my day job calms down a bit.

In the mean time I wanted to post a quick note about a fix for a problem that has been dogging my Mac: namely, that it doesn’t like to remember passwords anymore.


Windows 7 RC

So I decided to install Windows 7 RC. Loyal readers of the blog know that I am a devout Mac enthusiast (some might argue “fanboy”), but I keep a PC around for, you know, PC stuff.

They’ve been talking about the Windows 7 beta on Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott for a while now, but I didn’t really see the need to install the pre-release code.


Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard

As a rule, I don’t like to keep anything on the desktop. This is especially true for the Windows XP machine that I keep around to play a few games, and test web sites in IE.

Today, after over 7 years of running XP, I was presented with a “There are unused icons on your desktop” notification in the taskbar.


GTweet Beta 3 Now Supports OAuth

GTweet came back to life yesterday as “Beta 2” after being ported to Python and moving to the Google App Engine.

I was very excited to get the new version out the door, but the accomplishment was tainted by slower-than-I’d-like response times when viewing the feed in Google Reader. The development environment that I use for testing new versions of GTweet uses compiled C binaries to speed up the PyCrypto library but the live environment of Google App Engine does not.


GTweet Beta 2 Released!

I’m thrilled to announce that GTweet Beta 2 (now with 100% more Python) went live this morning.

For those just joining us, I came back from vacation last week to find the PHP version of GTweet in shambles after my (shared) server collapsed under the pressure, so I decided to port it to Python and move it to Google App Engine.


The Future of GTweet

After a wonderful and relaxing trip to Greece, I returned to a flurry of e-mails warning me that GTweet is down.

Frustrating though it may be, I have the bittersweet problem of having grown too big for my hardware.

As this is currently a hobby project, I don’t have the resources to beef up the GTweet infrastructure (read: I’m broke) so I’m thinking about porting the whole thing to Python and running it on the Google App Engine.


Remove Firefox Location Bar Select-All Annoyance

I just discovered how to change a default Firefox setting that has been bothering me for ages.

The Problem

In Safari (the browser I use most often) single-clicking on the location bar does what most text input fields do: it places the cursor at the location in the text over which you positioned the mouse.

In Firefox, single-clicking the location bar highlights the URL. Without fail, I start typing an addition to the the existing URL only to find that I have erased the text I was hoping to start with.


Coda Updates to 1.6.3

As a belated St. Patrick’s day gift to us all, Panic released Coda 1.6.3 today.

I haven’t had any problems (or noticed anything super-cool) yet, but one point in the release notes caught my attention.

Can now navigate local books while off-line


GTweet: Bugfixes and Beyond

I’ve been attempting to shake any bugs out of GTweet since it’s beta release.

One glitch revealed itself when GTweet attempted to display certain html special characters. I applied a fix today, so hopefully we have seen the last of that. I also increased the text size of the tweet itself and made the tweeter’s name a link to that person’s Twitter page.