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SlingPlayer iPhone App Rated 12+?

A rating of 12+ seems ludicrous because it takes into account what people could watch while using the app as opposed to what was coded into the app.

Why Isn't the Zune HD a Windows Media Extender?

If DRM is unavoidable for now then Microsoft could at least take a page out of the iTunes Store playbook and allow users to authorize a certain number of computers and unlimited devices to play recorded media.

Snow Leopard Password Prompt After Screen Sleep *BOO*

Snow Leopard is different because the payoff comes later, but that fact that I’m seeing fewer obvious positives means that the irksome qualities become more pronounced.

You should be using Coda

After starting my first full-time software development job last week, I found myself in need of a solution that would let me edit files directly on a development server. The folks at Panic convinced me to part with 99 of my hard earned dollars and I was not disappointed.