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Write Your Own Coda Plug-In

My love for Coda knows no bounds. Except maybe the bounds of the tab bar.

Debian: Beep at Login Prompt

It’s sometimes handy to have the system beep when it reaches the log in prompt to announce that it’s ready to accept SSH connections.

Stop Remote Desktop from Locking the Host

Closing a Windows Remote Desktop connection leaves the host machine locked, but it is possible to create a shortcut that will close the session without locking the screen.

Google Voice + Fluid (SSB)

Some helpful tweaks for a Fluid site specific browser for Google Voice.

Downgrading to Flash Player 9 on Mac OS X

If you’ve noticed Safari crashing more often lately on your PowerPC Mac, you’re not alone.

Google DNS vs OpenDNS vs Comcast

I haven’t noticed much of a speed difference but a recent BrowserMob article has me thinking of switching back to my ISP’s DNS servers.

Windows Media Center "Little Red Dot"

The Show taskbar notifications setting in Windows 7 Media Center (found under Settings>General>Startup and Window Behavior) toggles the appearance of a little red dot in the taskbar when a program is recording.

Use the built-in iPhone sleep timer

Tucked away in the Clock app that ships with the iPhone is a Timer feature. When the timer finishes, the default action is to play a ringtone, but by tapping the "When Timer Ends" button, you can change this behavior to "Sleep iPod."

View Average iPhone App Approval Time

iPhone Developers Only: The iPhone Developer News page now displays the current average approval time for Apps submitted to the app store.

Enable Caps-Lock on iPhone Keyboard

Tap Settings > Tap General > Tap Keyboard > Tap the Enable Caps Lock slider

Use iPhone headphone microphone with a MacBook Pro

The headphones’ built-in microphone appears as the input device "Microphone port" in the Sound preference pane.

Open the current working directory in Finder

My discovery of the open command and how I use it to open the current working directory in the Finder.

Repair Mac OS X Keychain

My Mac decided to stop remembering passwords.

Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard

The fine folks over at TACK Tech have nice step-by-step instructions for anyone who is interested.

Remove Firefox Location Bar Select-All Annoyance

I just discovered how to change a default Firefox setting that has been bothering me for ages.

Gmail + Apple Mail - Headache

After reading about the new "offline" Gmail feature provided by Google Labs I re-visited the idea of moving to the Gmail web interface as my primary e-mail client.

Search locally hosted books in Coda when offline

I wrote a simple php page that greps through the html files within Coda’s "books" and displays the results ordered by the number times the search term appears.

View locally hosted books in Coda when offline

Coda has the ability to display online reference manuals as searchable "books". The feature is nice, but I felt as though it would be more useful to have locally stored books that could be referenced when offline.