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Write Your Own Coda Plug-In

My love for Coda knows no bounds. Except maybe the bounds of the tab bar.

Repair Mac OS X Keychain

My Mac decided to stop remembering passwords.

Coda Updates to 1.6.3

As a belated St. Patrick’s day gift to us all, Panic released Coda 1.6.3 today.

Search locally hosted books in Coda when offline

I wrote a simple php page that greps through the html files within Coda’s "books" and displays the results ordered by the number times the search term appears.

View locally hosted books in Coda when offline

Coda has the ability to display online reference manuals as searchable "books". The feature is nice, but I felt as though it would be more useful to have locally stored books that could be referenced when offline.

You should be using Coda

After starting my first full-time software development job last week, I found myself in need of a solution that would let me edit files directly on a development server. The folks at Panic convinced me to part with 99 of my hard earned dollars and I was not disappointed.